The Random Acts of Fresco Story

Carlos Cervantes and Marco Rojas - owners of Random Acts of Fresco

Carlos and Marco – Random Acts of Fresco

Owners Marco Rojas and Carlos Cervantes joined their years of passion for food to establish Fresco Mexican, one of the finest Mexican area restaurants in Chester New Jersey. Once the owners were settled in their new restaurant, they started to research the idea for a boutique next door. Just one year later, Random Acts of Fresco opened its doors.

​”Our love affair with Mexican folk art began when we opened Fresco Mexican in 2010″, says Carlos Cervantes. “Our passion for cooking always took the forefront but we found so many beautiful, one of a kind pieces when we would visit our family back in Mexico. We decided it was our goal to keep these beautiful indigenous arts alive and to showcase them to a wider audience.”

Random Acts of Fresco started with Mexican art, so the partners visited Mexico and came back with fabulous finds, all purchased from wonderful artists throughout the region. Random Fresco has since expanded to other countries and filled the boutique with Ecuadorian jewelry; textiles and embroidered pillows from Guatemala; scarves from India; Haitian metal art made from discarded 55 gallon steel oil drums recycled into wall décor; Impressive pottery; and upscale jewelry with gold and pearls featuring artists from New York and Boston.


Random Acts of Fresco Buying Trip to Mexico

Random Acts of Fresco Buying Trip to Mexico


Customers are amazed at the selection and variety, such as iron heart sconces, Day of The Dead Art, like the painted ceramic skulls and skull wine stoppers (a fan favorite), Impressive Mexican mirrors with tin roses made out of recycled aluminum, leather and fabric handbags, woven belts from India, a pig sculpture with four pigs standing on top of the other, iridescent glasses made from blown fused glass in Mexico, authentic Mexican saddle purses, decorative plates, candles, table runners, picture frames, statues, colorful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and so much more.


Random Fresco - Map of Mexico


Everything has a personal story!

We travel deep into Mexico to acquire the art directly from the artist. For us, it’s a personal and emotional attachment. Art from other countries comes through Fair Trade organizations – from Guatemala, India, Ecuador, Haiti, and Peru.

Our high-end jewelry is designed and handcrafted in NYC, Boston, and Guatemala. And we are now sourcing products from an amazing Artist in Colombia.